Mana Reo Toru

15 points

Not offered 2024

For further information see School of Teacher Education


This course will be taught in te reo Maori. This course aims to enhance the fluency and knowledge of kaiako in te reo Maori me ona tikanga and will provide a wide range of conversational and contextual opportunities. Kaiako will be able to demonstrate an understanding of te reo Maori me nga tikanga-a-iwi applicable to a variety of learning contexts, and informal contexts with whanau and community with increased ability and confidence. Students will have a greater understanding of matauranga Maori and tikanga Maori through the teaching and learning of te reo Maori. Knowledge of dialect and matauranga of the mana whenua will be threaded into this course. This course continues the study of the structure of the language and extends speaking skills and confidence.