Saili Matagi - 'Seeking the winds of change in Pasifika Education'

15 points



This course will support Early Childhood and Primary pre-service teachers to understand key historical, socio-economic and cultural contexts/events from a range of perspectives that have informed Pasifika community experiences in Aotearoa. Pre-service teachers will identify, and critically examine, contextual factors, professional practices and pedagogical approaches required to raise the engagement and achievement/learning outcomes of Pasifika students, families and communities. To that end, this course will enable student engagement with Pasifika community leaders (and other experts) to help students contextualise their development of quality teaching practices for Pasifika learners. It will also require students to apply various Pasifika theoretical and research lens to their application of the Standards for the Teaching Profession (Our Code/Our Standards) and Tapasa (2018). Pre-service teachers will, ultimately, be supported to consider the important role they must play to support ‘Saili Matagi’, the ‘winds of change’, needed for the success of Pasifika learners in New Zealand centres and schools.


30 points from 100 level AKOE, AKOM or AKOP