Professional Skills and Practicum

39 points

Not offered 2024, offered in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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This course contains the Child and Family Psychology Practicum and an academic programme which informs it. This includes practical training in skills specific to practice as a registered psychologist, the practicum itself and clinical work associated with it. In addition it contains academic work relevant to the programme such as interpretation of cognitive assessments, taxonomy for psychopathology, and clinical reasoning (formulation). In addition Problem-Based Learning exercises are an integral part of this course.


(1) (i) Enrolled in the Master of Arts in Child and Family Psychology, or
Master of Science in Child and Family Psychology or an approved Master of Education or their equivalents. (ii) CFPY601, CFPY602, CFPY603, COUN671 and HLTH472 (iii) An approved 15-point, 0.125 EFTS postgraduate or honours-level research methods course. (2) Subject to approval of the Head of the School of Health Sciences. (3) Selection will be based on academic record, personal suitability and an interview. The closing date for applications is normally October 1st in the year prior to enrolment.


EDUC623, HLTH670, EDUC624, HLTH671

Equivalent Courses

EDUC624, HLTH671