Research Project

30 points



The CHEM480 Research Project involves a programme of experimental study in a research-active laboratory under the supervision of an academic member of staff within the Chemistry Department. The experimental data obtained are then presented in the form of a written project report which, after submission, is subjected to an oral defence. The project report details the background to the research, the methods employed, the results obtained, an analysis of the results in the context of the field and a bibliography. The learning outcomes of CHEM480 will enable students to write and compile a scientific report in a format appropriate for the discipline; show understanding of scientific methods relevant to their research project; obtain, analyse and present original research data; interpret and critically appraise their own and other research data; explain the relationship of their findings to other work in the field; and respond to questions on their report in a manner that shows mastery of the content and some knowledge of related areas. The CHEM480 Research Project provides excellent preparation for students intending to enrol in further postgraduate research. Students enrolling in this course must also enrol in course CHEM421 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 1.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department.