Greek Philosophy

15 points

Not offered 2023, offered in 2021

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The intellectual rigour, which informed the Greeks’ speculations on life, the universe and everything, changed our understanding of the world forever. In this course we survey the origins and development of western philosophy in the Greek world, focusing on the 6th to the 4th centuries BC when many areas that preoccupy philosophers today were analysed and explored by the Greeks, including cosmology, physics, ethics, politics, psychology and more. Figures such as Socrates, Plato and many others before and after them will feature.


Any 15 points at 100 level from CLAS or PHIL, or
any 60 points at 100 level from the Schedule V of the BA.


Equivalent Courses

Recommended Preparation

CLAS104 or CLAS/PHIL141 or any 100-level in CLAS or PHIL.