Capetian France, 1150-1350

30 points

Not offered 2023, offered in 2019

For further information see Humanities


An in-depth exploration of late medieval France, focusing on society, culture and political ideas in the period 1150 to 1350.


Subject to approval of the Head of School. At least 60 points from History at 300-level (HIST301-399) which may include 30 points at 300-level in Ancient History (CLAS307 or 312 or 318) or Maori (MAOR317 or 345) or Religious Studies (RELS 307, RELS 322). Candidates should consult the Department about courses no longer offered in Ancient History or Maori which may qualify as courses in History. The School of History normally requires a B average in Arts subjects, especially in the last two full-time years or their part-time equivalent.