Gender Sensitivity and the Human Services

15 points



This course provides students with the opportunity to critically investigate shifting socio-cultural constructions of gender. The course introduces students to theories, experiences and issues of gender, and to think about how gender matters in the choices and opportunities available to us; in shaping ideas regarding individual and social well-being. We explore examples of social, political, economic and cultural contexts inhabited by consumers and providers of human services to analyse the ways in which gender is experienced, defined, validated, and reworked.


HSRV103 and HSRV104; or, 15 points at 100 level in HSRV and 30 points at 100 level from either Schedule C to the BSW, Schedule V to the BA, or
Schedules C or E to the BCJ; or 60 points at 100 level from the BA, BSW or BCJ.