Aotearoa: Introduction to Traditional Maori Society

15 points



A comprehensive introduction to: the settlement of the Pacific, Polynesian navigation, star paths, renaissance of voyaging. Maori astronomy, new year stars. Creation myths, Skyfather, Earthmother, gods, origins of life and death. Demigods - Maui, Tawhaki,Whaitiri. Oral traditions, first arrivals, canoe ancestors, explorers, romance, sexual imagery, war. Spiritual beliefs, mana, tapu, makutu black magic witchcraft. Maori geography of New Zealand, greenstone trails, forest lore, pa and settlements, meeting houses, sacred rituals and protocols. Social structure, tribal organisation, leadership, marriage, sex, death. Fortifications, warfare, weapons, canoes,cannibalism. Wood, bone, greenstone carving, tattoo and moko. Performing arts, haka, contemporary themes. Ngai Tahu traditions.


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