MGMT207-24S1 (C) Semester One 2024

Principles of Human Resource Management

15 points

Start Date: Monday, 19 February 2024
End Date: Sunday, 23 June 2024
Withdrawal Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty (full fee refund): Sunday, 3 March 2024
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Sunday, 12 May 2024


This course covers the principles of human resource management (HRM) - its major functional areas and the major theories that are the basis for modern HRM practices.

This course examines the ways in which organisations can effectively manage their human resources. The course focuses specifically on the principles of human resource management (HRM).

MGMT207 provides students with an understanding of the theories that are the basis for modern HRM practices, as well as an overview of the major functional areas of HRM. These areas include job analysis, recruitment, selection, performance management and appraisal, training and development, rewards and remuneration, and strategic human resource management.  

This provides a basis that can be built on in MGMT308, which focuses on the application of human resource management strategies practices in real settings.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this course students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of human resource management and discuss the evolution of this field of management to its present integrated contemporary form.
2. Demonstrate an appreciation of the New Zealand and international context of human resource management.
3. Define the importance of workforce planning within the context of strategic human resource management and in relation to job analysis.
4. Understand and apply the major functional areas of human resource management, including job analysis, recruitment, selection and performance management. Application of this understanding will be assessed by means of a major group (pair) assignment.
5. Demonstrate an understanding of how human resource development strategies can be applied at both the individual and organisational level.
6. Discuss the attraction, retention and motivation of employees through appropriate reward and remuneration strategies.
7. Demonstrate an appreciation for the contribution that the HR function can make in creating healthy and safe workplaces.
8. Discuss strategic human resource management and the fit between human resource strategy and organisational strategy.

University Graduate Attributes

This course will provide students with an opportunity to develop the Graduate Attributes specified below:

Critically competent in a core academic discipline of their award

Students know and can critically evaluate and, where applicable, apply this knowledge to topics/issues within their majoring subject.

Employable, innovative and enterprising

Students will develop key skills and attributes sought by employers that can be used in a range of applications.


(1) MGMT100; and (2) A further 45 points

Timetable 2024

Students must attend one activity from each section.

Lecture A
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Friday 10:00 - 12:00 A1 Lecture Theatre
19 Feb - 24 Mar
22 Apr - 2 Jun
Lecture B
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 Haere-roa 118 Ngaio Marsh Theatre
25 Mar - 31 Mar
Drop in Class A
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00 Meremere 105 Lecture Theatre
11 Mar - 17 Mar
25 Mar - 31 Mar
22 Apr - 28 Apr
6 May - 12 May
Tutorial A
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Thursday 10:00 - 12:00 Haere-roa 118 Ngaio Marsh Theatre (29/2-21/3, 2/5-23/5)
Haere-roa 118 Ngaio Marsh Theatre (30/5)
26 Feb - 24 Mar
29 Apr - 2 Jun
Tutorial B
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Tuesday 09:00 - 11:00 Ernest Rutherford 140
25 Mar - 31 Mar

Timetable Note

Lectures for MGMT207-23S1 are recorded using the ECHO360 lecture recording system and available on LEARN.

Course Coordinator

Russell Wordsworth


Nadine Marshall


Assessment Due Date Percentage  Description
Assignment Module 1 15 Mar 2024 12%
Assignment Module 2 28 Mar 2024 15%
Assignment Module 3 26 Apr 2024 21%
Assignment Module 4 10 May 2024 12%
Final Exam 40% Date TBC

The ‘45% rule’ does apply to this course. That is, students DO NEED to achieve a mark of 45% or higher in the final exam in order to pass the course. Please refer to the UC Business School Handbook for further information. A copy of the handbook can be found here:  

Assessment In Te Reo Māori
In recognising that Te Reo Māori is an official language of New Zealand, the University provides for students who may wish to use the Te Reo Māori in their assessment. If you intend to submit your work in Te Reo Māori you are required to do the following:

Read the Assessment in Te Reo Māori Policy and ensure that you meet the conditions set out in the policy. This includes, but is not limited to,
informing the Course Coordinator 1) no later than 10 working days after the commencement of the course that you wish to use Te Reo Māori and 2) at least 15 working days before each assessment due date that you wish to use Te Reo Māori.

Textbooks / Resources

Required Texts

Stone, Raymond J; Human resource management ; 11; John Wiley & Sons Australia, 2024.

Please note that the textbook is available in both print AND digital format through Wiley Direct. You can purchase a copy of the electronic version at:
Home (

Additional readings will also be made available via LEARN

Indicative Fees

Domestic fee $893.00

International fee $4,200.00

* All fees are inclusive of NZ GST or any equivalent overseas tax, and do not include any programme level discount or additional course-related expenses.

For further information see Management, Marketing and Tourism .

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