MGMT611-24S2 (C) Semester Two 2024

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management (HRM)

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15 points

Start Date: Monday, 15 July 2024
End Date: Sunday, 10 November 2024
Withdrawal Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty (full fee refund): Sunday, 28 July 2024
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Sunday, 29 September 2024


This course examines contemporary issues in human resource management (HRM). We look at applying HRM-related theory, processes, and interventions, as ways in which HRM can exert a positive influence on how organisations function. We use readings, case studies, and engagement with practitioners to provide a highly interactive learning experience.

This course examines current issues in human resource management (HRM). We look at HRM-related theory and applications, and discuss ways in which HRM can have real influence on organisational functioning. We use readings, case studies, and engage with practitioners to provide a highly interactive learning experience. The course covers topics such as organisational resilience, measurement and diagnosis of organisational challenges, and HRM-related interventions particularly focusing on developing organisational resilience. In addition, students complete an independent project on the topic of their choice (approved by the instructor).

Relationship to other courses
This paper complements other 600-level MGMT courses. Some skills developed in this course are directly relevant to the Management Dissertation/MCom Thesis.

Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives for this course
1. Students will have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of factors contributing to a well-functioning organisation.
2. Students will learn to critically analyse different measurement approaches in organisations and understand when and how to apply such measures.
3. Students will be able to synthesise academic literature and make practical recommendations based on such literature.

University Graduate Attributes

This course will provide students with an opportunity to develop the Graduate Attributes specified below:

Biculturally competent and confident

Students will be aware of and understand the nature of biculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand, and its relevance to their area of study and/or their degree.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department

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Timetable Note

There will be no tutorials in this course.

Course Coordinator / Lecturer

Bernard Walker


Sanna Malinen


Detailed assessment information will be provided in class.

Textbooks / Resources

Text and readings to be advised in class. There is no set textbook for this class; rather, we will use journal articles and other materials.

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Domestic fee $1,066.00

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