Critical Approaches to International Relations

30 points

Not offered 2024, offered in 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017

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This course looks closely at a variety of critical perspectives in international relations. Through an examination of liberal, realist, marxist, poststructuralist, and constructivist perspectives, the course shows how critiques emerge in opposition to dominant discourses and theories of international relations. Each critical approach will be introduced and applied to case studies including the war in Iraq, humanitarian intervention, and terrorism. Finally, the course looks at the role of theorists in the practice of international relations in order to demonstrate the ways in which abstract scholarly thought is deeply intertwined with the everyday practice of international politics.


30 points in POLS at 200 level. Students without 30 points at 200 level in POLS but with at least a B average in 75 points in appropriate courses may be admitted with the approval of the Head of Department and/or Programme Coordinator.