Digital Sculpting

15 points

Not offered 2024

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There has been a recent movement away from traditional 3D modelling tools, where users work with paradigms based on computer graphics such as vertices and polygons, to 3D modelling tools which mimic more traditional forms of art creation such as carving from wood or sculpting from clay, as in the popular tool ZBrush. Likewise, the increasing affordability and availability of technologies such as Virtual Reality and Haptics have brought other art forms, such as painting in the case of Google’s Tilt Brush, into 3D and allowed for new forms of digital expression. In this course, students will learn about the latest methods and technologies for creating 3D art works through digital sculpting. This course covers digital sculpting through to texture mapping, retopologising into traditional polygonal models, and rigging and integration into games. Students will also learn about cutting edge technologies in VR and Haptics for creating 3D art works, and future directions and research trends in the area.