Development of Interdisciplinary Practice and Self

15 points

Not offered 2024

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Personal and professional development, or the continuation of it (CPD), is one of the key fundamentals in securing our own future within the fast paced world around us. As designers we must adapt to change, learn from our environment and respond to challenge. To prosper, we need to turn the creative process inwards to focus on us, as well as our work. This course focuses on applying the design process to our own futures, using a creative but structured hands-on design strategies to defining our next professional chapter. Reflective and reflexive practice will form the backbone of our approach to career development, defining goals, self-analysis, skills identification and alignments, engaging with industry, preparing for interviews, strategical development, visual mapping techniques, research and analysis and identification of self attributes. If you want to design a better you, let's get started.


Approval of the Head of the School of Product Design