Forensic Psychology

15 points



This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of forensic psychology, including the potential role of Psychology graduates in the criminal justice system. There will be a particular emphasis on the contribution that psychological inquiry and practice can make in efforts to: - Understand the causes of antisocial behavior, including developmental processes - Develop and evaluate effective psychological interventions for antisocial behaviour - Predict who is likely to reoffend - Detect and investigate crime - Understand the "process" or "cycle" of offending in the lives of repeat offenders There is a laboratory component that will give you an understanding of how the theoretical components of the course are applied in real-world settings. Some of these labs will be delivered by guest lecturers working on the "frontline" of these efforts to reduce the harm cause by antisocial behaviour in New Zealand.


PSYC206 or 60 points at 200 level from Schedules C or E of the Bachelor of Criminal Justice.