Psychology in Action - Bridging Theory and Practice

15 points

Not offered 2024

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In this dynamic and immersive course, students will engage in problem-based learning within a Work-Integrated Learning context, collaborating with an industry partner to address a complex problem. The course combines academic knowledge with practical application to enhance students' problem-solving and critical thinking abilities while addressing industry-relevant issues. Throughout the course, students will work in teams to develop innovative solutions to a problem defined by the industry partner. Students will gain insights into current industry practices, challenges, and trends. They will learn to navigate real-world constraints while honing their teamwork, communication, project management, and self-reflection skills. The course will culminate in a presentation of the proposed solutions to the industry partner, fostering professional networking opportunities and potential implementation of the proposed solutions. Students will complete a written summary of their project for the industry partner and individual reports for their course submissions. Throughout the course, students will develop their bicultural competence and confidence and their capacity to work with diverse communities. By participating in this course, students will develop their employability and prepare for successful careers in psychology. They will develop their capacity to thrive in complex environments where their expertise and problem-solving abilities can make a tangible difference.


60 points at 200-level from Schedule C to the Regulations for the Bachelor of Psychological Science.