Mental Health and Society

30 points

Not offered 2024, offered in 2018, 2019

For further information see Language, Social and Political Sciences


This course will engage with debates and issues associated with mental health, mental illness and addictions. It will consider: differing approaches to 'madness'; critiques of the war on drugs; debates around psychotropic medications; Maori and indigenous perspectives on mental health; policy debates relating to mental health and addictions; global differences in the expression of mental distress; mental health consumers movements; and social and cultural determinants of mental health.


30 points of SOCI including 15 points at 200 level; OR 30 points of ANTH including 15 points at 200 level; OR 30 points of SOCI or ANTH at 200 level; OR 30 points of 200 level HLTH, PSYC, HRSV or EDUC; OR 60 points in related subjects including 30 points at 200 level with the approval of the Head of Department.


SOCI347; ANTH311

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