Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Culture

15 points

Not offered 2024

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This course is an introduction to the fascinating world of the Hispanic cultures covering Spain, Mexico, Central America, most of South America and much of the Caribbean. Topics covered will revolve around a general approach to the main cultural features of the Spanish-speaking world. The magic and colours of its lands and people will guide students through a pathway of cultural varieties that even sharing the Spanish language they still preserve their indigenous languages and cultural legacy. Ko te toa I a tiki, I a mano o te takatao. [It is the bravery of a multitude, of thousands of people]. The passion and mixture of its music and dances, gastronomy and customs that have always walked hand in hand with the folklore and the festivals, will provide students with stories of unique roots, belief-systems, myths and traditions. A brief historical overview will finally allow students to understand the fine arts’ conglomerate in the Hispanic world as for painting, architecture, literature as well as performing arts and film that draw on very diverse influences. No previous knowledge of the Spanish language is required as it is taught in English.