TECM201-23YC1 (D) Year C First Half 2023 (Distance)

Te reo me nga ahuatanga Maori 2

15 points

Start Date: Monday, 13 February 2023
End Date: Sunday, 25 June 2023
Withdrawal Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty (full fee refund): Sunday, 26 February 2023
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Sunday, 28 May 2023


This course builds upon your growing competence and confidence in becoming an ethical bicultural teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand. Te Tiriti o Waitangi plays a significant role within the teaching profession; this course provides akonga with opportunities to navigate the relationships of our country's founding document, Tangata Whenuatanga pedagogies and their relevance to Early Childhood Education and Primary teaching contexts. The continual strengthening of te reo Maori applications and Tikanga Maori articulations are essential features of this course; these provide robust foundations towards implementing bicultural curricula for the early childhood and primary sectors. Ways of doing or Tikanga Whakaako in language learning allows akonga to reflect on their own language acquisition strategies and make relevant associations to key theories and/or principles of Second Language (L2) Acquisition.

*Please note this course is only available to initial teacher education students. To enrol in this course you need to be accepted and enrolled in one of our Initial Teacher Education programmes.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Demonstrate appropriate use of words, phrases, sentences, karakia, whakataukī, kīwaha and waiata suitable for early childhood settings, the primary classroom and beyond.
2. Participate in and reflect on a noho marae experience in terms of Māori pedagogy, language and cultural values underscoring their significance for early childhood and primary educational settings.
3. Examine research and literature related to the teaching and learning of te reo Māori me ngā tikanga Māori including iwi and hapū based knowledge to strengthen the early childhood and primary sectors.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of kaupapa Māori pedagogies appropriate for teaching approaches and methods that support the learning of te reo Māori as a second language.



TEPI220 and TEPI221

Timetable Note


Students enrolled in TECM201-23YC1(D) are required to attend compulsory face-to-face session at an On-Site Intensive (OSI) in Christchurch

Any costs, including travel, accommodation, childcare etc. associated with attendance at the On-Site Intensive are met by the student.

Course Coordinator

Ngaroma Williams


Makayla Hewlett and Huhana-Suzanne Carter


Assessment Due Date Percentage  Description
Te reo Maori Original Rauemi , Presentation and Teaching Notes 50% 1. Create a te reo Maori teaching and learning pukapuka based on Nga Tuwahi - Seven (7) Locatives. (Weighting: 10%) 2. Construct seven te reo Maori phrases (of 6+ words in length for each) that depict each of the tuwahi. 3. Select three L2 acquisition principles (Ellis, 2005) and provide a succinct statement as to how these can align to the teaching and learning of your seven te reo Maori phrases when teaching tamariki. Word Count: 150 words. (Weighting: 10%) 4. Provide a zoom recording that include audios and graphics of each page of the completed pukapuka. Provide a 150 words statement of L2 acquisition articulations that support the teaching and learning of your constructed seven te reo Maori phrases. (Weighting 30%). Due by: 5pm Taite 25/05/23.
Te reo me nga tikanga Maori Quizzes 50% 1. Quiz One: Te reo Maori Vocabulary (10%) Due: Campus and Distance Cohorts. Due between: 6-9pm Taite 02/03/23 2. Quiz Two: Te reo me nga tikanga Maori: Learning Story (10%) Due: Campus and Distance Cohorts. Due between: 6-9pm Taite 23/03/23 3. Quiz Three: Te Tiriti o Waitangi and L2 Acquisition: Short Answers (10%) Due: Campus and Distance Cohorts . Due between: 6-9pm Taite 18/05/23 4. Quiz Four: Te reo Maori short Answers and Reflective Statement (20%) Due: Campus and Distance Cohorts. Due between: 6-9pm Taite 15/06/23

Additional Course Outline Information

Assessment and grading system

There are two pieces of graded assessment for this course, each assignment is weighted 50% each. Satisfactory completion of each assignment to at least a pass grade (C-) is required to pass the course.    Students must also complete a noho marae to pass this course.

Requests for extensions

Extensions are reserved for exceptional circumstances only and are not granted automatically. The course coordinator responsible for the assessment must be contacted by email a minimum of two working days before the due date, and the application must be supported by relevant evidence (e.g. medical certificate, letter from counsellor). The student’s course coordinator will then  make a final decision. If an extension is granted there will normally be no resubmit given for that assignment. An extension will normally be for no more than two weeks and the date of the extension must be provided to the student in writing.

Extensions will not be granted because of pressure of university study, e.g. several pieces of work being due around the same time. The procedure for extensions is fully outlined in the Te Kaupeka Ako | Faculty of Education Assessment Guidelines

Indicative Fees

Domestic fee $821.00

International fee $3,750.00

* All fees are inclusive of NZ GST or any equivalent overseas tax, and do not include any programme level discount or additional course-related expenses.

For further information see School of Teacher Education .

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