Language, Culture and Identity: Enhancing Educational Experiences and Outcomes for Diverse Learners

15 points



This course develops pre-service teachers' cultural self-efficacy and extends their abilities to recognise and address key issues for learners from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The content includes effective pedagogies for culturally diverse learners, establishing learning partnerships, first language development, and meeting the needs of students learning English as an additional language in mainstream classrooms and early childhood settings. The course extends the knowledge, skills and dispositions developed in other courses in the BTchLn, including Professional Practice. This course also provides scaffolding for entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (endorsed in Teaching and Learning Languages) offered at the University of Canterbury. The course will complement learning in other courses in the Bachelor of Teaching and Learning, including Professional Practice.


A minimum of 90 points from 200 level BTchLn (Early Childhood) or BTchLn (Primary) courses, including TEPI and TEPP courses.