Te Ao Maori/ Matauranga Maori: Teaching and Learning from Maori Worldviews

15 points



The course is designed to give pre-service teachers the opportunity to improve and extend their te reo Maori proficiency by examining emerging and current practices related to teaching and researching te reo and using on-line technology as a support tool. The course aims to develop a rigorous approach to the theory/praxis nexus in relation to teaching te reo Maori; to promote an understanding of the role of research in contributing to improved practice and innovation; and to equip graduates with the skills to design and implement research based practices in the teaching of te reo and tikanga Maori.


A minimum of 90 points from 200 level BTchLn (Early Childhood) or BTchLn (Primary) courses, including TEPI, TEPP courses and TECM201.