Foundations of Chemistry

15 points



A preparatory course for biological sciences and other non-specialists, assuming minimal preparation in Chemistry. There is an emphasis on the properties of materials and biological systems. Atoms, molecules, mole concept, chemical equations, stoichiometry; electron configuration, bonding; molecular structure; energy changes and kinetic factors in chemical reactions; aqueous chemistry; introductory organic chemistry.


(1) NCEA: 14 credits NCEA Level 3 Chemistry, or (2) CIE: at least D grade in CIE AL Chemistry or A grade in CIE ASL Chemistry, or (3) IB: at least Grade 4 in IB HL Chemistry or Grade 6 in IB SL Chemistry, or (4) at least B Grade in BRDG 022 or BRDG 023. Students who have been credited with any of CHEM111, CHEM112 or BCHM112 cannot subsequently be credited with CHEM114. Concurrent enrolment in CHEM114 and CHEM111 is not permitted.