Waves, Optics and Mechanics

15 points



In this course we study the physics of wave oscillations and their applications in numerous different physical systems. The geometric theory of image formation is developed and applied to various optical instruments. We will study interference and diffraction problems using Fourier techniques. Its use in optical instruments such as diffraction grating spectrometers, interferometers and lasers is highlighted. The course will also provide a review of 100 level mechanics material and then develop a deeper understanding of mechanics than addressed at 100-level, particularly the motion of rotating bodies and the application of these ideas to real-world systems such as the weather and orbits.


(1) PHYS101; (2) MATH102 or EMTH118. These prerequisites may be replaced by a high level of achievement in level 3 NCEA Physics and Mathematics with Calculus or other background approved by the Head of Department. RP: (1) PHYS102; (2) MATH103 or EMTH119; (3) COSC131 or COSC121


PHYS201, PHYS202

Recommended Preparation

(1) PHYS102; (2) MATH103 or EMTH119; (3) COSC131 or COSC121.